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Shipping Operations

Use Transmate to evaluate your current shipping flows and spend using advanced analytics. During this assessment, you’ll gain valuable insights into what’s working, what isn’t and what could be improved. You'll also get tips on how to optimize cost savings through: Carrier selection, Advanced analytics and Tendering.

Invoice Verification

Keep track of your additional costsTransmate helps you to keep track of additional costs such as waiting hours and trigger approval workflows.
Carrier self-billing and invoice verification.

Invoices are checked against the calculated shipment costs. See invoice differences in one overview. Our reporting layer will provide you additional data insights on costs structures and spend categories.

Order Management

In the Transmate app order management simplifies transport requests. From creation, tracking and invoicing. Shipper, planners, partners , carriers, drivers ...have access to the same order and share the same truth.
For out customers this reduces paperwork and increases visibility.

Track & Trace

Keep an overview of all your ongoing shipments. Combine the results of multiple carriers in one overview.
Transmate will develop solutions where standard track and trace is not sufficient. Transmate currently uses GPS, IOT and GSM tracking solutions to increase tracebility.
A phone application (IOS & Android) can be used to track your own fleet and reduce paperwork.

Freight rate management

Manage all your freight rates centrally and automatically assign costs in shipments. Transmate can automatically select carriers based on rate and service level using the integrated rate sheets.

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Some of our customers

icon cost saving
freight cost reduction up to 17% through collaboration
icon customer service
15-20% time saving in customer service
icon admin saving
Save 15% admin and invoice handling time