Freight tendering

Serviced freight tendering

Tender your freight fully serviced? Transmate tender team loads all your data, performs a geographical footprint check and maps out your lanes and current performance.

Transmate will send out the RFQ to the desired carriers and will run the different analyses for you. You can track the status of the tender at any given time in the platform.

A serviced tender process passes following steps:

1. kick-off & goal determination
2. data collection
3. RFQ submission
4. Analysis
5. optional second round
6. selection

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Gain control over your freight spend using Transmate's build-in invoice verification platform. Save valuable time and resources on freight auditing by automating the freight invoice checks in Transmate. Reduce your freight spend by monitoring extra costs and escalating deviations to your supplier or within your organization. Generate accruals in your accounting system based on performed freight and await invoice settlement.
Get full insight using the built-in tools and reports.

Freight audit process

Perform invoice audits from digital invoice data, by parsing scanned invoices or allow your carriers to conduct self-billing based on the available shipments in the system. Get exception reports with the build-in BI reports and escalate misses, settle invoices and draw KPI's per carrier, per invoice.

Data consolidation using dynamic uploads, data entry, api's and EDI connections. Either set up freight audit yourself or get it fully serviced by Transmate.

Get full insight

Get full insight in your freight spend with build in BI reporting to sift through shipments, charges and get full insight in what has been charged and what should have been charged based on the agreed price lists.

Get reports on spend based on carrier, type of charge and much more for both invoiced and calculated (accrued) freight.

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