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Improved spot tendering

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Learn how a global shipper integrated Transmate spot rate tendering and reduced their spend.

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Freight tendering

Set up your RFQ, select partners and analyze your spend!

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Freight tendering

Transmate's freight tender module lets you start a tender in minutes. Build tender packages from historical data, upload or data generation; select bidders and send out the tender.

Bidders offer in the transmate platform, allowing to track bid progress and benchmark using the transmate integrated analysis.

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Integrated analysis

Transmate integrated analysis let's you simulate various cost scenarios next to each other. Simple high level calculations to shipment-level in depth analysis can be run (though Transmate's shipment module). Future volumes can be simulated as well.

Switch point analysis let's you find the switching point for multiple carrier scenarios or LTL, FTL trade-offs.

  • Simulation (calculate over your data sets)
  • Switchpoint (find change over points between rate cards)
  • Scenario build & optimization **
** serviced only

Managed or self-serviced

No experience or time to conduct a full tender or RFQ? Transmate's tender support team can take over the RFQ process for you, doing the data preparation, carrier pre-selection, bid package preparation and submission. Detailed analysis reports are being generated for you that facilitate decision making. Optionally simulations can be run to simulate different key decision parameters.

You can track progress with the integrated dashboard and follow along in the progress.

Contact sales

Fast set-up

  • Set up an RFQ in minutes, using your historical data, summarizing tools and standard templates
  • Select partners from integrated carrier DB.
  • Build FAQ and questionnaires and set NDA requirements.


  • Use Transmate's integrated freight engine to simulate bids
  • Get insight in bid performance
  • Build scenario's and optimize **

Track Progress

  • Keep track of Bids in the integrated dashboard
  • Get alerts
  • Communicate with partners using the integrated chat

Select best fit

  • Select best fit rate cards based on analysis reports
  • Make new rates available in your company or download new rate sheets directly from the interface.
  • Track adoption & adherence using Transmate's integrated freight engine (see integrations)
** part of serviced package
Step 1


Setting up a tender is quick and intuitive:
Set general information, upload documents, fix a timeline and set contact details

Step 2

Add bid-packages

Add requirements, build a questionnaire and generate bid packages from your data. When using Transmate's freight engine integration, your bid packages can be generated in seconds...

Step 3

Select & submit

Select the bidders and submit the RFQ. Transmate offers a built-in carrier database that allows you to find partners outside of your carrier pool. All partners are automatically notified through mail and receive a sign-in token.

Step 4

Follow-up, analyze & reward

After submitting the tender document, you can track response in the integrated dashboard. The built-in chat allows you to send messages and notifications to each bidder, collect questions and steer the process.
From bid sheets, tender packages and data, you can immediately run simulations to benchmark the various offers.
Optionally you can start multiple rounds from within the system.