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Rate Management

Centralize any rate card in a single system.

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Rate management

Manage all your freight rates centrally and automatically assign costs in shipments. Transmate can automatically select carriers based on rate and service level using the integrated rate sheets.

The central rate management platform of Transmate handles any type of rate agreement: both spot rates and contracted rates for road, ocean, air and rail transport.

Distribute rate cards in you organization using the build-in rate calculation tool that allows users in your organization to query the rate cards and get calculated results.

screenshot rate card
Price list overview


Use Transmate to evaluate your current shipping flows and spend using advanced analytics. During this assessment, you’ll gain valuable insights into what’s working, what isn’t and what could be improved. You'll also get tips on how to optimize cost savings through: Carrier selection, Advanced analytics and Tendering.

  • Standard templates: road, ocean, air
  • Complex lane definitions
  • Complex volume definitions
  • Equipment types
  • Grid structure
  • Upload from Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • Define lead-times
  • Archive rate cards


  • Centralize and store all rates in a single system
  • Any rate type, any structure, any mode
  • Import from Excel
  • Provide access in your company


  • Use Transmate's integrated freight engine to analyze various rate cards
  • Simulate costs
  • Find missing rates


  • Keep track of expiring rates
  • Quickly find missing rates & launch spot rate requests.
  • Add access & visibility control both within your organization or share with partners


  • Collect rate cards using Transmate's tender module
  • Activate rate cards for best-fit carrier selection
  • Use rate cards to perform invoice audits