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From stand-alone to full integration

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Invoice audit (standalone)

Transmate can be used as a stand-alone invoice audit system. With advanced import tools that map out shipment data & invoice data, 100% of your shipments can be audited. Exception reports are generated in the system, can be shared with your carriers, and a credit note can be requested from within Transmate.

Tender (standalone)

Transmate tender module can be fed with shipment data from uploaded data files, or historical data. Carriers fill out the rate cards, that can be simulated with Transamte's tender analysis tools, and can be downloaded from the system in XLS format.

Rate cards (standalone)

Just looking for a tool to keep track of your rate cards? Transmate can be used as a rate management tool out of the box.

The rate management module provides a calculation tool that allows your organization to lookup prices instantly.

Freight engine (integrated)

Already have a TMS system, but looking to get your freight procurement to be integrated? Transmate allows you to tender, store and track your rate cards from the platform, and get best-fit carriers, rate calculations and accruals from calling our APIs.

Fully integrated

Transport management & freight procurement from A to Z: perform your tenders in Transmate, based on live data in the system. Activate rate cards, plan your shipments & allocate to partners. Collect spot rates & manage your shipments and costs in a single system. Manage incoming freight invoices and verify with the accrued costs in the system.

Use transmate's tracking API and app to get real-time tracking data.