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Freight Engine

Transmate's freight engine allows you to calculate costs, perform invoice audits and control your spend

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Freight engine

In the Transmate app order management simplifies transport requests. From creation, tracking and invoicing. Shipper, planners, partners , carriers, drivers ...have access to the same order and share the same truth.
For our customers this reduces paperwork and increases visibility.

Invoice audit

Use Transmate to evaluate your current shipping flows and spend using advanced analytics. During this assessment, you’ll gain valuable insights into what’s working, what isn’t and what could be improved. You'll also get tips on how to optimize cost savings through: Carrier selection, Advanced analytics and Tendering.

Any type or structure

  • Store any rate type, any structure
  • Import excel rate sheets
  • Build FAQ and questionnaires and set NDA requirements.


  • Use Transmate's integrated freight engine to simulate bids
  • Get insight in bid performance
  • Build scenario's and optimize **

Track Progress

  • Keep track of Bids in the integrated dashboard
  • Get alerts
  • Communicate with partners using the integrated chat


  • Use Transmate freight engine to select best-fit carriers.
  • Set-up freight accruals
  • Perform invoice checks and audits using Transmate's freight engine to check all invoiced freight

Managed or self-serviced

You want freight audit to be run as a service? Transmate's invoice audit team can handle the items for you.

You can track progress, reports and credit notes through the platform.

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