shipments can be created in batch. Using a CSV upload file, you can generate all your shipments in one go.


  • download CSV template (link)
  • enter data
  • navigate to
  • click on the import button in the footer
  • upload file and hit submit
  • check the field mapping
  • process


An example CSV template can be downloaded here: link). However, the shipment import allows you to map any template to the Transmate fields after uploading. If you have a download from your csv with at least the minimal fields this will do (see minimal fields).

important: either an location input string is given, either the country and zipcode is given. Passing in both will result in a validation error.

Uploading the file

Select the file and hit the upload button.

The file will be uploaded and you are redirected to the import page:

The result tab will show generated partners.

If an error occurred, you can revert the import by clicking revert