Transmate is an award winning cloud-based platform that provides you with the latest optimization and visualization tools for transport tendering, rate management, transport optimization and transport management. Transmate is designed to be used modular. Either full featured combining procurement, transport management and invoice handling in a single platform, or modular with various integration options.

  • TMS
  • Rate Management
  • Freight Tendering


Transmate offers various services alongside its platform. We can perform your freight tender for you while you can track every step along the process in the integrated dashboard. We also provide freight invoice checks (100% audit) as a stand-alone service: After loading your rate cards, Transmate verifies all invoiced cost items versus the stored rate cards and offers various reports to track deviations and possibilities to trigger approval flows within your company.

  • Assisted Freight Tendering
  • Freight Invoice Verification
  • Single Invoice logistics


A dedicated team is always at your disposal with profound knowledge in logistics, supply chain and procurement that can help you during implementation or services.